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Abstracts for 1999–2000

Genetic Algorithms and the Travelling Salesman Problem

Kylie Bryant, December, 2000.

Abstract (In PDF).

Continued Fractions and their Interpretations

Christopher Hanusa, May, 2001.


Excitable Media

Teri Krebs (Math/Biology), May, 2001

Abstract and thesis unavailable.

Developing Scoring Methods for a Non-Additive Psychometric Measure of Social Skills/Interpersonal Competence

Angela Kurle (Math/Psychology), May, 2001.


Mixing in Curved Pipes

Marco Latini, May, 2001.

Abstract (In PDF).

Structure Attacks in Cryptographic Protocols

Karl Mahlburg, May, 2001.

Abstract (In PDF).

Fractional Analogues in Graph Theory

Ari Nieh, May, 2001.

Abstract (In PDF).

Computational Simulation of Fluid Dynamics in Thin Films

Anand Patil (physics), May, 2001.

Abstract (In PDF).

Turbulence, Magnetics, and Closure Equations

Jane Pratt, May, 2001.


Combinatorial Explanations of Known Harmonic Identities

Greg Preston, May, 2001.

Abstract (In PDF).

The Approximate Inclusion of Triple Excitations in EOM-Type Quantum Chemical Methods

Mike Rust (Math/Physics), May, 2001.


Measuring Electron Gas Relaxation in Gold through Second Harmonic Generation

Paul SanGiorgio (Math/Physics), May, 2001.


Computational Evolutionary Linguistics

Tracy van Cort (Math/Linguistics), May, 2001.

Abstract (In PDF).

Super-Symmetric Three-Cycles in String Theory

Ian Weiner (Math/Physics), May, 2001.