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StudentAdvisorSecond ReaderProposal
Daniel BoylanLesley Ward, Melissa O'Neill (CS) Henry KriegerDyadic and Triadic Doubling Measures
Mark DeanFrancis Su Arthur BenjaminRandomizing the 15 Puzzle
Bradley Forrest (Math/Physics)Andrew Bernoff Thomas Donnelly (Physics)Modeling Small Droplet Ejection from a Fluid Due to Capillary Waves
Michael GrattonAndrew Bernoff Anette HosoiDispersion of a Passive Scalar in Helical Pipe Flow
Josh GreeneArthur Benjamin Gregory LevinVarious Results in Discrete Mathematics
Colin LittleChristopher Towse (Scripps) Weiqing GuComplex Multiplication on Elliptic Curves
Cam McLemanChristopher Towse (Scripps) Michael Orrisonp-adic Dynamics and Formal Groups
Lara D. MercurioWeiqing Gu Thomas Helliwell (Physics)Quantum `Particles' In a Classically Defined Spacetime
Elizabeth NortonMichael Orrison Shahriar Shahriari (Pomona)Representations and the Symmetric Group (Proposal) Representations and the Symmetric Group (Thesis)
Timothy PrescottFrancis Su Gregory LevinTucker's Labeling in Branched Spheres and Connections to Topology
Michael P. SchubmehlThomas Donnelly (Physics) Andrew BernoffGeneration and Sizing of Sub-Micron Mists Math Thesis
Anne Short?? Ghinta (Brown), Christopher Towse (Scripps) Michael OrrisonSpectral Questions and Expander Graphs
Wesley TurnerJoshua Hodas (CS) Weiqing GuA Logically Fully Abstract Concrete Interpretation of PCF+
Curtis VinsonThomas Helliwell (Physics) Anette HosoiQuantum Particles and Singularities
Zach WaltersThomas Helliwell (Physics) Weiqing GuQuantum Singularities in Classical Spacetimes

Theses not available at this time.