Modeling small droplet ejection from a fluid due to capillary waves

Brad Forrest
Advisor: Prof. Bernoff
4 April, 2001

In general terms, the goal of this project will be to model a fluid surface under an applied vibration. A fluid, when subjected to a vertical forcing vibration, develops a standing capillary or gravity induced wave pattern on its surface. When the amplitude of these standing waves is large enough, the tips of the waveforms break off and droplets are ejected. Of specific interest are conditions under which small sub micron diameter droplets are formed, which will be the focus of this model. This model will, hopefully, be tested in an experimental environment, as this is part of a larger effort to create and measure small droplets.

I am staying at HMC this summer to work on this project. The base for my project depends upon how much is accomplished over summer break. In other words, many things concerning this project and what direction I would like to take it in may change before the beginning of the fall semester. Hence, just as with any proposal at this stage, the plans for this project are still tentative.

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