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Archives: 2002–2003

StudentAdvisorSecond ReaderTitle
Dan Beutel Andrew Bernoff Thomas Donnelly (Physics) Modelling Advection and Diffusion in Microchannels
Adam Bliss Francis Su Henry Krieger Covering Numbers of the Cubes
Benjamin Bryant Andrew Bernoff Annette Hosoi Modeling Moving Droplets: A Precursor Film Approach
Melissa Chase Ran Libeskind-Hadas (CS) Arthur Benjamin Shortest Path Problems: Multiple Paths in a Stochastic Graph
David Clarke (Physics) John Townsend (Physics) Weiqing Gu The Kapitza–Dirac Effect: An Approach from QED
John Cloutier Francis Su Lesley Ward A Combinatorial Analog of the Poincaré–Birkhoff Fixed Point Theorem
Nate Eldredge Michael Orrison Shahriar Shahriari (Pomona) An Eigenspace Approach to Isotropic Projections for Data on Binary Trees
Daniel Gianotti Ali Nadim (CGU) Andrew Bernoff Fluid Drop Coalescence in a Hele-Shaw Cell
Stephen Haas Lesley Ward Henry Krieger The Hausdorff Dimension of the Julia Set of Polynomials of the Form zd + c
Andrew Iannaccone Byron Walden (Santa Clara) Lesley Ward The Conformal Center of a Triangle or Quadrilateral
Peter Lamb Ali Nadim (CGU) Andrew Bernoff Ridge Coarsening in Evaporatively Driven Climbing Films
Matthew Macauley Michael Orrison James Hoste (Pitzer) Braids and Juggling Patterns
Christopher Pries Weiqing Gu Jon Jacobsen Searching for Supersymmetric Cycles: A Quest for Cayley Manifolds in the Calabi–Yau 4-Torus
Ross Richardson Weiqing Gu Zach Dodds Designing Smooth Motions of Rigid Objects: Computing Curves in Lie Groups
Jeremy Rouse Arthur Benjamin Naiomi Cameron Combinatorial Proofs of Congruences
Micah Smukler Weiqing Gu Francis Su Geometry and Topology of the Minkowski Product
Kira Sushkoff Weiqing Gu Michael Orrison Minkowski Actions of Quaternion Sets and their Applications
David Uminsky Michael Orrison Francis Su Generalized Spectral Analysis for Large Sets of Approval Voting Data

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