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Archives: 2003–2004

StudentAdvisorSecond ReaderTitle
Melissa BanisterMichael OrrisonWeiqing GuSeparating Sets for Finite Groups
Ariel Barton
(January–December, 2003)
Lesley WardHenry KriegerConvergence of Planar Domains and of Harmonic Measure Distribution Functions
William ChangMichael OrrisonWeiqing GuRepresentation Theoretical Methods in Image Processing
Grant CliffordJon JacobsenMichael OrrisonRepresentation Theoretical Approach to n-Candidate Voting
Robert GaeblerJames Hoste (Pitzer)Weiqing GuAlexander Polynomials of Tunnel Number One Knots
David GaeblerHenry KriegerMichael RaughToeplitz Operators on Locally Compact Abelian Groups
Eric HarleyLisette de PillisJon JacobsenModeling Cancer Cell Response to Immunotherapy
Matthew Holden (Pomona)Weiqing GuSandy Grabiner (Pomona)Volume Minimizing Cycles in G2-manifolds
Jessica NelsonLisette de PillisArthur BenjaminEigenvalue Etch-A-Sketch

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