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Archives: 2004–2005 Theses

Student Advisor Second Reader Thesis
Ruben Arenas Weiqing Gu Vatche Sahakian Constructing a Matrix Representation of the Lie Group G2
Steven Avery (Math/Physics) Vatche Sahakian (Physics) Weiqing Gu Noncommutative Geometry
Tim Carnes Ran Libeskind-Hadas (CS) Francis Edward Su Permutation Routing in the Hypercube and Grid Topologies
Zajj Daugherty Michael Orrison J.Alongi (Pomona College) An Algebraic Approach to Voting Theory
Jeff Jauregui Weiqing Gu Jon T. Jacobsen Solving for Volume-Minimizing Cycles in G2-Manifolds
Akemi Kashiwada Francis Edward Su Steve Adolph Constructing Phylogenetic Trees from Subsplits
Owen Lewis Jon T. Jacobsen Lesley Ward Generalized Julia Sets: An Extension of Cayley's Problem
Eric Malm Michael Orrison Weiqing Gu Decimation-in-Frequency Fast Fourier Transforms for the Symmetric Group
Jason Murcko Henry Krieger Lesley Ward Cesaro Limits of Analytically Perturbed Stochastic Matrices
Gwen Spencer Francis Edward Su Alfonso Castro Combinatorial Consequences of Relatives of the Lusternik-Schnirelmann-Borsuk Theorem
Kathe Todd-Brown (Fall, 2004) Lisette de Pillis Weiqing Gu -
Carl Yerger Francis Edward Su Anant Godbole (Eastern Tennesee State University) Extensions of Graph Pebbling

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