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Archives: 2005–2006 Theses

Student Advisor Second Reader Thesis
Robin Baur
(January–December, 2005)
Andrew J. Bernoff Jon T. Jacobsen An Investigation of Rupture in Thin Fluid Films
Deborah Berg
(January–December, 2005)
Francis Edward Su Michael Orrison Connections Between Voting Theory and Graph Theory
Tristan Brand Michael Orrison Ghassan Sarkis (Pomona) A Fast Fourier Transform for the Symmetric Group
Alexander Eustis Arthur T. Benjamin Sanjai Gupta (Scripps) The Negs and Regs of Continued Fractions
Julijana Gjorgjieva Jon T. Jacobsen Pablo Padilla (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) Turing Pattern Dynamics for Spatiotemporal Models with Growth and Curvature
John Hearn Ran Libeskind-Hadas Michael Orrison Kolmogorov Complexity of Graphs
Joesph Majkut Andrew J. Bernoff Chad M. Topaz (UCLA) Foraging Fruit Flies: Lagrangian and Eulerian Descriptions of Insect Swarming
Kenneth Maples Weiqing Gu Anthony Bright (Eng.) Optimal Control of a Building During an Earthquake
Jessica May Jim Hoste Francis Edward Su Matrix Representation of Knot and Link Groups
Stephanie Moyerman (Math/Physics) Jim Eckert (Physics) Andrew J. Bernoff Magnetoresistance and Neutron Scattering of Ultrathin Films
Tracy Powell Lesley Ward Estelle Basor (CalPoly-SLO) The Singular Values of the Exponientiated Adjacency Matrixes of Broom-Tree Graphs
Nikolas Rauh Francis Edward Su Michael Orrison An Exploration in Subtropical Algebra
Tyler Seacrest Weiqing Gu Darryl Yong Mathematical Models of Image Processing
Elan Segarra Michael Raugh Darryl Yong An Exploration of Riemann's Zeta Function and Its Application to the Theory of Prime Distribution
Simon Stump Jon T. Jacobsen Alfonso Castro Succession, Invasion, & Coexistence: PDEs in Ecology

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