Kenneth Maples

Harvey Mudd College Mathematics 2006

Thesis Proposal: Optimal Control of Tuned Mass Damper During Strong Earthquake
Thesis Midyear Draft: Structural Optimal Control with a Tuned Mass Damper during an Earthquake
Final Thesis: Optimal Control of a Building During an Earthquake
Thesis Advisor: Prof. Weiqing Gu
Second Reader: Prof. Anthony Bright (Engineering)

Optimal Control of a Building During an Earthquake

Optimal control is an important method in engineering and science for creating the provably best solutions to design problems. By selecting a set of performance criterea, the mathematician can algorithmically select system parameters to produce the best possible device.

This thesis applies optimal control theory to the active control of a multi-story building under an earthquake to minimize damage both to the structure and to the people and possessions inside. The research will also explore alternate active control methods for buildings that build on those presented in literature.