Eugene Quan

Harvey Mudd College Mathematics 2007

Thesis Proposal: Effective Cost Allocation for the Deterrence of Terrorists
Senior Thesis: Effective Cost Allocation for the Deterrence of Terrorists
Thesis Advisor: Prof. Susan Martonosi
Second Reader: Prof. Francis Su

Effective Cost Allocation for Deterrence of Terrorists

Terrorist attacks have always been a cause for concern in many countries, and studies on terrorists have drastically increased in the last decade, especially since the September 11, 2001 attacks. Regarding strategies that protect against terrorists, it has been proposed that a game theoretic model is more appropriate than a reliability theoretic one. Game theoretic models have considered when the defender picks a certain probability of successful attack on a location at a cost, and the attacker picks the location of attack based on that probability and a reward payoff picked from a given distribution function. My project will revise such models to evaluate the optimal solution for the defender when both the attacker and the defender both pick attack and defensive costs respectively.