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Archives: 2006–2007 Thesis Proposals

Student Advisor Second Reader Proposal
Jonathan Azose Arthur T. Benjamin Kristina Garrett (St. Olaf) Applications of the q-Binomial Coefficients to Counting Problems
Kazh D. Brito Andrew J. Bernoff Shenda Baker Hole Closure in Langmuir Fluid Monolayers
Victor H. Camacho Darryl Yong Jon T. Jacobsen Modeling Viscoelastic Fluids
Michael W. Hansen Francis Edward Su Michael Orrison Algebra and Phylogenetic Trees
Andrea Heald Ghassan Sarkis (Pomona) Michael Orrison Understanding Counterexamples to Lubin's Conjecture
Nicholas Herman
Darryl Yong Maria Klawe
Alexander Izsak Nicholas Pippenger Ran Libeskind-Hadas (CS) Special Cases of Carry Propagation
Marie Jameson Michael Orrison Nathan Ryan (UCLA) Fourier Analysis on Finite Groups
Masanori Koyama Michael Orrison Nathan Ryan (UCLA) Discrete Fourier Transform on Finite Groups
James R. Moore Jon T. Jacobsen Lisette de Pillis Optimization of Cancer Treatment
Eugene Lee Quan Susan E. Martonosi Francis Edward Su Effective Cost Allocation for Deterrence of Terrorists
Chee Meng Tan Alfonso Castro Jon T. Jacobsen Radial Solutions to Superlinear Dirichlet Problem
Ivan Ventura Alfonso Castro Jon T. Jacobsen Radial Solutions of Nonlinear Elliptic Boundary Value Problems
Daniel Walton Arthur T. Benjamin Sanjai Gupta Continued Fractions and Solving p=a2 + db2

Theses are also available.