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Archives: 2007–2008 Thesis Proposals

Student Advisor Second Reader Proposal
Kevin Fleming Nicholas Pippenger Francis Edward Su Boundary Cycles in Random Triangulated Surfaces
Sara Gussin Jon T. Jacobsen Darryl Yong Multidimensional Wavelet Analysis
Kenji Kozai David Bachman Francis Edward Su Intrinsic Properties of Graphs
Andrew Leverentz Andrew J. Bernoff Chad M. Topaz Biological Swarms and Chemoattractants
Greg Minton Kimberly Tucker Michael Orrison Dot Product Representations of Graphs
David R. Morrison Susan E. Martonosi Kimberly Tucker Edge Control Sets
Sean Plott Arthur T. Benjamin Kimberly Tucker Determinants in Pascal's Triangle
Brian Rice Nicholas Pippenger Christopher Towse Rigid Divisibility Sequences
Douglas Rizzolo Jon T. Jacobsen Francis Edward Su A Method for Approximating Solutions to Differential Equations via Schauder's Theorem
Parousia Rockstroh Francis Edward Su Sanjai Gupta A Topological Proof of Dirichlet's Theorem
Mutiara Sondjaja Francis Edward Su Jon T. Jacobsen Understanding the Kakutani Fixed Point Theorem and Sperner's Lemma
George Tucker Andrew J. Bernoff Elizabeth Mann Interphase Line Tension in Langmuir Films
Jason Winerip Nicholas Pippenger Michael Orrison Efficient Projection of Functions on the Edge Space of Graphs

Theses are also available.