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Archives: 2008–2009 Thesis Proposals

Student Advisor Second Reader Proposal
Nadia Abuelezam Lisette de Pillis Karl Haushalter Modeling/Maximizing ARV Distribution in Rural and Urban Uganda
Natalie Durgin Francis Su David Perkinson (Reed College) Sperner's Lemma and Fair Division Problems
Sarah Fletcher Francis Su Kimberly Tucker Agreeability in Various Classes of Graphs
Ben Fogelson Lisette de Pillis Rachel Levy Mathematical Modeling of Immune-Cancer Interactions
Andrew Hunter Nicholas Pippenger Ran Liebeskind-Hadas The Path-Search Problem on Arbitrary Graphs
Hendrik Orem Michael Orrison Nicholas Pippenger Algebraic Methods for Fast Matrix Multiplication
Ben Preskill Alfonso Castro Adolfo Rumbos (Pomona College) Generalized Criteria for No Continuous Solution of a Semilinear Wave Equation
Ted Spaide Michael Orrison Nicholas Pippenger Fast Fourier Transforms on Finite Groups

Theses are also available.