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2009–2010 Students

The following is a list of students taking Math 197 in 2009–2010, with links to their senior thesis webpages, which include links to their thesis proposals, abstracts, and final theses.

Student Advisor Second Reader Thesis
Richard Strong Bowen Nicholas Pippenger Ran Liebeskind-Hadas (CS) Minimal Circuits for Very Incompletely Specified Boolean Functions
Bo Chen Arthur Benjamin Kimberly Tucker Combinatorial Proofs Using Complex Weights
Rachel Cranfill
Michael Orrison Keri Kornelson (U. Oklahoma) Group Frames and Rank Data
Alyssa W. Dray Talithia Williams Johanna Hardin (Pomona), Susan Lewallen (Kilimanjaro Centre for Community Ophthalmology) A Multistage Incidence Estimation Model for Diseases with Differential Mortality
Jacob Feldman Susan Martonosi John M. Bossert Optimizing Restaurant Reservation Scheduling
Ivan Hernandez Rachel Levy Stacy Brown (Pitzer) Algebraic Reasoning in Elementary School Students
Kwang B. Ketcham Dagan Karp Michael Orrison Group Frames and Partially Ranked Data
Stephen C. Lee Michael Orrison Anna Bargagliotti (U. Memphis) Understanding Voting for Committees Using Wreath Products
Ross C. Merriam Nicholas Pippenger Christopher Towse (Scripps) Arithmetic on Specializable Continued Fractions
Yaniv J. Ovadia Susan Martonosi Nicholas Pippenger Computational Feasibility of Increasing the Visibility of Vertices in Covert Networks
Hannah P. Savage Lisette de Pillis Ami Radunskaya (Pomona) A Nonlinear ODE Model of Tumor Growth and Effect of Immunotherapy and Chemotherapy Treatment in Colorectal Cancer

Proposals are also available.