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Archives: 2010–2011 Thesis Proposals

Student Advisor Second Reader Proposal
Kate M. Burgers Jon Jacobsen Rachel Levy Using Systems of Coupled Oscillators to Find the Beat in Music
Georgi Dinolov Rachel Levy Dagan Karp Three-Dimensional Swarming Dynamics
Ann Johnston Michael Orrison Matt Davis Markov Bases for Noncommutative Harmonic Analysis of Partially Ranked Data
Max B. Kutler Dagan Karp Eric Katz (UT-Austin) Studying Group Actions on Graphs via Tropical Geometry and Chip-Firing
Sarah Loeb Kimberly Kindred Susan Martonosi Extending List Coloring of Planar Graphs
Kyle Luh Nicholas Pippenger Francis Su Asymptotic Bounds on the Hypergeometric Distribution
Chandler May Susan Martonosi Kimberly Kindred The Sensor Location Problem
Allison M. Park Darryl Yong Stacy Brown (Pitzer) Equity in Math Education
Austin Quan John Milton (Scripps) Darryl Yong Nocturnal Frontal Lobe Epilepsy: Metastability in a Dynamic Disease?
Elizabeth (Lizard) Reiland Arthur Benjamin Kimberly Kindred Combinatorial Interpretations of Fibonomial Identities
Andrew S. Ronan Andrew Bernoff Chad M. Topaz (Macalester College) Dynamics of Attractive–Repulsive Swarms
Jacob N. Scott Francis Su Nicholas Pippenger Helly's Theorem and Voting Theory
Dmitri Skjorshammer Ursula Whitcher Dagan Karp Classification of Tops in Five Dimensions
Donald Lee Wiyninger III Nicholas Pippenger Michael Orrison Continued Fractions
Jeffrey Wong Rachel Levy Andrew Bernoff Simulations of Surfactant Spreading

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