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2012–2013 Students

The following is a list of students taking Math 197 in 2012–2013, with links to their senior thesis webpages, which include links to their thesis proposals.

Student Advisor Second Reader Thesis
Connor Ahlbach Francis Edward Su Michael E. Orrison A Discrete Approach to the Poincaré-Miranda Theorem
Olivia Beckwith Dagan Karp Dusty Ross On Toric Symmetry of $\mathbb{P}^1 \times \mathbb{P}^2$
Rosalie J. Carlson Francis Edward Su Michael E. Orrison Voter Compatibility In Interval Societies
Michael Ernest Nicholas Pippenger Francis Edward Su Extortion and Evolution in the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
Peter Fedak Weiqing Gu TBA
J. Zachary Gaslowitz Dagan Karp Dustin Cartwright Chip Firing Games and Riemann-Roch Properties for Directed Graphs
Taylor McAdam Jon Jacobsen Alfonso Castro Analysis of Time-Dependent Integrodifference Population Models
Kevin O'Neill Dagan Karp Angelica Cueto Lines in Tropical Quadrics
John Peebles Nicholas Pippenger Michael E. Orrison Hypergraph Capacity with Applications to Matrix Multiplication
Nathan Pinsky Weiqing Gu Darryl H. Yong Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching and Visualizing Differential Geometry
Elizabeth Sarapata Lisette G. de Pillis Ami Radunskaya A Comparison and Catalog of Intrinsic Tumor Growth Models
Ryan Takahashi Michael E. Orrison Nicholas Pippenger Structured Matrices and the Algebra of Displacement Operators