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Elizabeth Sarapata

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A Comparison and Catalog of Intrinsic Tumor Growth Models

Lisette G. de Pillis
Second Reader(s)
Ami Radunskaya


Determining the dynamics and parameter values that drive tumor growth is of great interest to mathematical modelers, experimentalists and practitioners alike. We provide a basis on which to estimate the growth dynamics of ten different tumors by fitting growth parameters to at least five sets of published experimental data per type of tumor. These timescale tumor growth data are also used to determine which of the most common tumor growth models (exponential, power law, logistic, Gompertz, or von Bertalanffy) provides the best fit for each type of tumor. In order to compute the best-fit parameters, we implemented a hybrid local-global least squares minimization algorithm based on a combination of Nelder-Mead simplex direct search and Monte Carlo Markov Chain methods.

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