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2013-2014 Students

The following is a list of students taking Math 197 in 2013–2014, with links to their senior thesis webpages.

Student Advisor Second Reader Thesis
Allison F. Arnold-Roksandich Christopher Towse Michael E. Orrison There and Back Again: Elliptic Curves, Modular Forms, and L-Functions
Sorathan Chaturapruek Weiqing Gu Zachary Dodds A Mathematical Framework for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Obstacle Avoidance
Emily M. Fischer Alfonso Castro Weiqing Gu Infinitely Many Rotationally Symmetric Solutions to a Class of Semilinear Laplace-Beltrami Equations on the Unit Sphere
Samuel C. Gutekunst Susan E. Martonosi Mohamed Omar Characterizing Forced Communication in Networks
Shreyas Kumar Rachel Levy Darryl Yong Simulations of Surfactant Driven Thin Film Flow
David Alan Lingenbrink, Jr. Michael E. Orrison Mohamed Omar A New Subgroup Chain for the Finite Affine Group
Matthew McDermott Michael E. Orrison Mohamed Omar Fast Algorithms for Analyzing Partially Ranked Data
Peter Megson Rachel Levy Jon Jacobsen Experiments on Surfactants and Thin Fluid Films
Alexa Serrato Nicholas J. Pippenger Mohamed Omar Reed's Conjecture and Cycle-Power Graphs
Tongjia Shi Nicholas Pippenger Michael E. Orrison Cycle Lengths of $\theta$-Biased Random Permutations
Carling Sugarman Jon Jacobsen Michael E. Orrison Using Topology to Explore Mathematics Education Reform
Jeremy Usatine Dagan Karp Melody Chan Arithmetical Graphs, Riemann-Roch Structure for Lattices, and the Frobenius Number Problem