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Matthew Lin

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Graph Cohomology

Dagan Karp
Second Reader(s)
Satyan L. Devadoss (Williams College)


What is the cohomology of a graph? Cohomology is a topological invariant and encodes such information as genus and euler characteristic. Graphs are combinatorial objects which may not a priori admit a natural and isomorphism invariant cohomology ring. In this project, given any finite graph G, we constructively define a cohomology ring H*(G) of G. Our method uses graph associahedra and toric varieties. Given a graph, there is a canonically associated convex polytope, called the graph associahedron, constructed from G. In turn, a convex polytope uniquely determines a toric variety. We synthesize these results, and describe the cohomology of the associated variety directly in terms of the graph G itself.

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