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2017–2018 Students

The following is a list of students taking Math 197 in 2017–2018, with links to their senior thesis webpages, which include links to their thesis proposals.

Student Advisor Second Reader Project Title
Lucius E.J. Bynum Susan E. Martonosi
Michael E. Orrison
From Partially Ranked Data to Fully Ranked Decisions: Prescriptive Analytics for Professional Basketball Data
Marissa A. Gee de Pillis, Lisette G.
Rachel Levy
Modeling the Onset and Treatment of Type-1 Diabetes in the Human Pancreas
Alex Goldstein Michael E. Orrison
Chris Clark (Engineering)
Game Theory and the Symmetric Group
Christopher R. Hoyt Dagan Karp
Mohamed Omar
On The Landscape Of Random Tropical Curves
Hamzah I Khan Susan E. Martonosi
Jim Boerkoel (CS)
A Metric for Measuring the Quantity of Synchronization Tasks in Simple Temporal Networks
Bryce McLaughlin Mohamed Omar
Dagan Karp
Applying the Polynomial Method to Problem in Discrete Geometry
Joshua A. Miller Nicholas J. Pippenger
Susan E. Martonosi
Sequential Probing with a Random Start
Matthew Simon Weiqing Gu
Mohamed Omar
Xinrui Yan Weiqing Gu
Vatche Sahakian (Physics)
Mathematics of Emergent Gravity Based on Quantum Entanglement