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Senior Thesis Handbook

The Senior Thesis Handbook (996 KB PDF) explains the purpose and format for Mudd's mathematics senior thesis program.

The Handbook also includes due dates; expectations; guidelines for using LaTeX for writing your thesis; an introduction to computing resources provided by the department for thesis projects; tips on creating and giving good presentations; and much more information that is essential for successfully completing your senior thesis.

The Senior Thesis Handbook is updated each year.

The release information for the Handbook appears on the copyright page, and is of the form

year Edition; Revision major.minor. (date typeset)

where year is the year for the spring semester for an academic year (e.g., 2017 for 2016–2017); major indicates major changes (such as changes to due dates or procedures); minor indicates minor changes (spelling errors, typographical issues, etc.); and date typeset is the day that a particular version of the Handbook was typeset.

New releases will be announced via the class mailing list(s) or in class. Details will be noted on this page.

You will always be able to download the most recently released version of the Senior Thesis Handbook from this page.