Television and Radio appearances:
Dr. Benjamin has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, demonstrating his mixture of mathematics and magic, teaching children and adults how to do amazingly fast mental calculations.

Click here to watch Arthur Benjamin on The Colbert Report on January 27, 2010!

He was profiled in a ten-minute segment on Life and Times, (February 3, 2006, PBS, KCET, Los Angeles), and on the BBC Program Horizon, titled "What Makes a Genius?" (February 15, 2010; on Science Channel August 16, 2010)

In 2005, he appeared on Da Vinci Declassified (October 31, November 3, and November 8, The Learning Channel) and In the Lab of Shakashiri (December 25, Wisconsin Public Television). Also in 2005, while living in Australia, he appeared on The Today Show, Saturday Disney (twice), and Mornings with Kerri-Anne. He gave five radio interviews, including three of them on ABC Radio. Prior to that, he has appeared on The Today Show (in America), CNN Headline News, Square One, Amazing Discoveries, To Tell the Truth, PM Magazine, Exploring Psychic Powers, Live! (with James Randi), Dick Clark Presents, and The American Memory Test (with Alex Trebek). Internationally, he has appeared on television in Australia, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom (The Paul Daniels Show, BBC). He has appeared on dozens of radio programs, including National Public Radio on two occasions.