Global Clinic



1. INDIA - Developing small scale thermal energy storage approaches. 

2. SINGAPORE - Protein separation techniques, applications in cancer research. 

  1. 3.SINGAPORE and INDOCHINA - Operation Hope Foundation project to develop techniques for small scale food canning and processing.

Financial Support
If you are accepted into the Global Clinic program, your program-related housing, food and transportation costs for the six weeks of summer will be covered, and you will also receive a small stipend.  Please direct specific questions regarding the details of compensation to Prof. de Pillis (
depillis at hmc dot edu).

Students from all majors are invited to participate as these projects are multidisciplinary and may involve biotechnology, chemistry, computer science, math and or physics in addition to engineering. Applications from both rising seniors and rising juniors will be considered.

Students will participate in the summer program, and enroll in Clinic during the 2010-2011 academic year. 

Contact Professor dePillis if you have any questions.


Global Clinic 2010-2011

Questions?  Send email to depillis at hmc dot edu

2009 Global Clinic Team meeting with the President of Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Iceland


Jaipur, India



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