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Center for Quantitative Life Sciences

Center for QLS: Co-Directors

Lisette dePillis Steve Adolph
Dept. of Mathematics
Department of Biology
Olin 1271 Olin 2381
phone (909) 621-8975 (909) 607-1872


The Center for Quantitative Life Sciences was established to:

  1. Introduce new curriculum and educational experiences that address the intellectual development and professional goals of students interested in mathematics, computation and the life sciences.
  2. Provide opportunities for Harvey Mudd College and Claremont Colleges faculty to either enhance or develop research programs in quantitative life sciences, and to improve their ability to keep pace with a very rapidly moving scientific field.
  3. Provide and opportunity for enhancing the general awareness at HMC and the Claremont Colleges of the life sciences, especially the mathematical and computational aspects of modern biology.


2003 Conference: Harvey Mudd College Mathematical Biology Conference, Co-Sponsored by the Center for Quantitative Life Sciences

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