Math 14: Multivariable Calculus

Alfonso Castro and Dagan Karp
Spring 2009


In this course we hope to study the beautiful, deep and totally awesome subject of multivariable calculus. For a detailed view of the topics to be discussed, see the syllabus link above.


Alfonso Castro
Olin B163
Office hours: TBA

Dagan Karp
Office hours: Monday 4:00-5:00 PM in 1267 Olin,
Thursday 4:00-5:00 PM in 3rd Floor Sprague, and by appointment.


We encourage you to consult the wonderful tutors for this course, who work in conjunction with the Academic Excellence program. They hold office hours specifically for this course, and are located in the Linde Activities Center.


The official text for this course is Vector Calculus, by Susan Colley.


There will be one midterm, one final exam and weekly homework. Each may count for one third of your grade.


Written homework will be due in class each Friday, and is posted on the link above. No late homework will be accepted. Each student's lowest homework score will be dropped. Please consult the HMC mathematics homework format guidelines for helpful tips on homework submission and formatting.

Attendance and Reading

Class attendance is mandatory as is reading of pertinent textbook sections. They are meant to supplement each other and are needed for proper completion of homework and exams.


The midterm and final exam will be take home. They will be due April 6 and May 12 respectively.


Students interested in using LaTeX for homework typesetting may find Eric Malm's newly created Problem Set Class useful.


Students who need disability-related accommodations are encouraged to discuss this with the instructor as soon as possible.

Honor Code

Though cooperation on homework assignments is encouraged, students are expected to write up their own solutions individually. That is, no copying. Comprehension is the goal, so even with cooperation, you should understand solutions well enough to write them up yourself. It is appropriate to acknowledge the assistance of others; if you work with others on a homework question, please write their names in the margin. Tests are to be done individually. You are encouraged to discuss your paper with other students. The HMC Honor Code applies in all matters of conduct concerning this course.