Brief Bio

Welcome to my homepage. I arrived here at Mudd in the Fall of 2008 from Department of Mathematics at UC Berkeley where I was first an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow, and later an NSF RTG Visiting Assistant Professor.
Prior to Berkeley, I received my PhD in Mathematics at the University of British Columbia under the direction of Jim Bryan. I received both my MSc in Mathematics and BS double major in Mathematics and Physics from Tulane University.
My research is centered in algebraic geometry, quantum geometry and Gromov-Witten theory. The latter is an exciting subject, either algebraic or symplectic in nature, which intersects enumerative geometry, mathematical string theory and the modern theory of moduli, amongst others.
My interests also include working for civil rights both within and through mathematics. With regard to the former, there exists severe gender inequity and underrepresentation in the mathematical sciences. Harvey Mudd is dedicating new efforts to combat these inequities on our campus, and we specifically encourage all students who are passionate about mathematics to consider an education at Mudd. See the diversity link at left for more information.