Instructor: Dagan Karp
Time/Place: Mon., Tue., Wed. and Fri. in Buchanan D238
Office Hours: Wed. 3-4pm and Thu. 4-5pm and by appointment.
Office Location: Auditorium Annex 129.
Phone: 604-822-3887


Calculus is both challenging and highly rewarding. My goal in this class is to show you some of why I love mathematics, help you learn differential calculus, and hopefully show you some cool ideas along the way.


The coursework will consist of homework, quizzes, midterms a final exam. There will be weekly homework assignments due every Friday, however they will not be collected. They will be announced in class and on the web at . All homework will be from the course text

Also, every Friday there will be either a quiz or an exam. There will be many quizzes, three midterms and one final exam. The dates are as follows.


Midterm 1: Friday October 1
Midterm 2: Friday October 22
Midterm 3: Friday November 19
Final Exam: TBA


Course grades will be determined as follows:
Homework = 0%
Quizes = 10%
Midterms = 40%
Final Exam = 50%
Total= 100%

The final term marks of this section will be scaled to the final exam. In other words, THE AVERAGE FINAL TERM MARK WILL BE SCALED TO EQUAL THE AVERAGE FINAL EXAM MARK. So, if everyone does really well on the final exam, then everyone's mark goes up. And if everyone does poorly on the final then everyone's mark is lessened. Thus, the importance of the final exam should not be underestimated. For more information about this policy, see the Math 180 common page.

There is also a way to earn extra credit: attend Math 180 workshops.


There are workshops specifically for math 180 students that will meet once a week throughout the term. Although attendance is not strictly required, attendance is strongly encouraged. These workshops will consist of casual problem solving sessions, where groups of students work together developing problem solving skills under with the help of an advanced undergraduate. Students are not graded on the work they do, only on participation. Extra marks are given out as follows:

To see the workshop schedule, register and get more information about them, see the workshop homepage at .


Your lowest quiz will be dropped, and your lowest Midterm mark will be dropped. Make-up midterms are not allowed unless there is notification 24 hours in advance and is authorized by me, or in case of extreme emergency with written verification.


There is a list of (basically) all the problems for the semester posted at You may find this useful in planning ahead.

There are also many places to look for help regarding this course. First, my office hours are a good place to start. Also, there is the Mathematical Sciences Resource Center, located behind Math Annex, which offers drop-in tutorials. In addition, the AMS offers tutoring services.