Alarm System

Organized by: Eric Peterson, Melissa Strait, Dmitri Skjorshammer, Henry Lew

Darryl Yong asks: Can you put numbers on the supplies needed? (est for 35 students, and decide how many groups, how many per group, etc.) I love the youtube vid. I can definitely pick up parts from Radio Shack, but for the quantity we need, i need to order via internet, so please let me know asap.

Ideas and notes:

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Supplies needed:

  • clock with an alarm
  • rope/string
  • cardboard (enough to make a 12in*12in*12in room (no roof))
  • appropriate battery
  • aluminum foil/other conductor (can be used in the switch mechanism)
  • paper clips, tape, rubber bands, etc to use to connect pieces together
  • clothespin (possible way to create switch)

Outline of the activity:

timewhat's happening
3:10-3:20build the 12in*12in*12in room/space
3:20-3:40rig the room with rope/string
3:40-3:50connect rope/string to switch mechanism
3:50-4:00test the system, make any adjustments