Water properties

Organized by: Shayni Saftler, Andrew Giles, Eric Peterson, Josue Pina, Stacy Sun

Ideas and notes:

We could start off with an intro and then setup booths where we can have an activity for number of students to do. The students could then rotate throughout the booths in groups. Each booth could have one of us to guide them as well. How does that sound?

So if we go along with the booth idea, we need a person per booth. So four of us have to be there.

Booth Ideas:

1. Diffusion

  • drop dye into liquid - How fast does the liquid change color?
  • water, milk, sprite

2. Osmosis (through a membrane)

  • Prepare two cups, one with water and one with salt water.
  • Slice two slices of potato and place in each water condition for 15 minutes

3. Surface tension - Compare the number of drops a penny can hold with a quarter.

  • Sandpaper down the penny and compare to how many drops of water it held before

4. Adhesion to surfaces

  • Have water travel from a beaker along a string into a separate container
  • Experiment with different types of strings

Supplies needed:

  • Water, milk, sprite
  • String
  • Cups / Glasses
  • beaker
  • Light source
  • Food Coloring
  • Pennies, quarters
  • Eye Droppers
  • Potatoes
  • salt
  • sandpaper

Outline of the activity:

timewhat's happening
3:00-3:10Introduction to Water Properties (afterwards split into 4-5 groups)
3:10-3:201st Rotation
3:20-3:302nd Rotation
3:30-3:403rd Rotation
3:30-3:504th Rotation
3:50-4:00Last Thoughts and Questions/Wrap up