Seminar on STEM Education

IE 142 (3 units), Fall 2011
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:15-5:30 p.m.
Platt A/B
Prof. Darryl Yong, x72844, Olin 1265,

Important links: Ideas for PHS Projects (includes archive from previous years)

Course goals

The primary goal of IE 142 is for students to increase their awareness of the challenges and practices of mathematics and science education. This will be accomplished both through investigations on current scholarly research on such issues, and through interactions with the students at local middle and high schools.

A secondary goal of IE 142 is for HMC students to contribute to math and science education in our community. Over the course of the semester, we will observe math and science classrooms and reach out to nearby schools through presentations, demonstrations, and lectures. Through this course, HMC students have an exciting opportunity to share with younger students some of the excitement about math and science that pervades HMC, and perhaps encourage them to pursue science/mathematics beyond high school, in particular, at competitive four-year colleges and universities, including Harvey Mudd College!

Our weekly meetings will consist of discussions and activities with these three common themes:

Since this is an Integrative Experience course, students will play a large role in guiding and shaping our course discussion.

Student responsibilities and grading

As a student in this class, you will

Your grade in this course will be based on the quality of your final paper, the class discussions that you lead, and course participation.

Links to research on math and science education