Aliens a.k.a. "The Best One"

People in charge: GregBorish, KazhBrito, ZachRogstad

To do list


MATERIALS NEEDED: some books on planets and aliens (check out from the library?), clay, construction paper, toothpicks, pipe cleaners (maybe), styrofoam balls, TONS of those wiggly eyes, and maybe some glue.

GAMEPLAN: We spend the first couple minutes telling them what they are doing and giving a bit of info into how to find data in a book (ie. use the index), then we break them into groups of 2-3 (or hopefully, about 1 for each nonearth planet. if there are too many groups one group could do the sun) and assign them a planet. Then they get the majority of the class to research and build an alien that would live on this planet. Very freeform, they can use whatever materials they want which is why we have a longish list. Then for the last ten or fifteen minutes, they can share their aliens and new knowledge with everybody else. This should inspire a longstanding love for outer space, so most of them will then fill out their applications to caltech/JPL.

"Sir Butt-Face II" by Brogan Mullen, Sally Slo, Harris Vu

Our character has eyes all around. It's what we call on planet Earth, an all-seeing-butt. Sit Butt-Face II has a yellow and blue tail (which also contains eyes). He is wearing pink overalls and is currently green-skinned without any sense of fashion. Evidently, he doesn't know how to match. Don't let the classy title "Sir" mislead you. Sir Butt-Face lacks complete and utter control over his digestive system. It may explode without warning.

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