Curves and Surfaces
A digital library of mathematically interesting and important curves and surfaces.
The Library of Curves A collection of interesting space and plane curves.
The Library of Surfaces A collection of interesting surfaces.

Curves and surfaces, along with their special features and properties, are studied in math at all levels, from high school geometry though the most advanced graduate courses. This digital library attempts to collect together some mathematically interesting curves and surfaces, along with formulas describing some of their properties, and text highlighting special features. Each curve or surface also includes several plots of the object; many also include a VRML (virtual reality) representation that can be manipulated in real-time. All together, these tools allow the user to visualize and understand a wide variety of curves and surfaces that might otherwise be difficult to grasp. The library can be used by anyone with even minimal mathematical background, but many of the more complex properties will require some knowledge of vector calculus and differential geometry to be understood fully.