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Useful surfaces for design.
Gordon-Coons Surfaces Surfaces interpolated from boundary points or curves.
Spline Surfaces Surfaces with spline coordinate curves.
Lofting Surfaces Surfaces connecting two curves with straight lines.
Surfaces of Revolution Surfaces formed by revolving a curve around an axis.

Gordon-Coons Surfaces

Gordon surfaces are surface interpolated between boundary curves; Coons surfaces are interpolated based on the four corners and assigned values for the partial derivatives at those points.

Spline Surfaces

A spline surface is one with spline coordinate curves.

Lofting Surfaces

Lofting surfaces are a generalization of ruled surfaces, in a sense. They connect two (possibly different) curves by a 1-parameter family of curves.

Surfaces of Revolution

A surface of revolution results from revolving a curve around a fixed axis. An example of a surface of revolution is the pseudosphere, which is the surface of revolution of a tractrix.