Computers are used everywhere in industry to create numerous products. These are just a few examples of possible applications, along with some web sites where these ideas are put into practice.

Visualization of Data Sets
When you have a large set of data, it is often easiest to view that data by means of a graphics utility. Once the data is plotted, functions can be performed to analyze the data for more information.
Visualization of New Products
Before spending the capital to create a new product, companies generally wish to view what their final product will look like. By created models of the product, analysts can view, modify, and test new products before ever producing them.
Automation of Sectional Drawings
When a large three dimensional blue print is created, numerous two dimensional cross sections may be required. A computer can properly divide up the image and create the necessary drawings, saving time and money.
Design of Pipe Systems
In many structures, the piping systems required for separate water, air, and other systems become to complex to keep accurate track of. Computer graphics allow the users to carefully map and maintain these complicated systems.
Modeling of Smooth Surfaces
One of the more powerful applications of Differential Geometry, smooth surfaces require numerous polygons to view their surfaces. Computer graphics allow the viewing and manipulation of these complex surfaces.
Production and Quality Control
By modeling a manufacturer's practices through computer, a program can help monitor both the production and quality of the product. It can also assist in streamlining these processes.
Drawing of Charts and Maps
One of the more common uses of graphical designing, computers can make the production of needed maps a simple matter of pushing a few buttons.
Motion Planning in Robotics
By using computers to map possible movements, designers can create mroe durable robots that can properly perform their tasks.
Planning of Surgery
By viewing a three dimensional model of the human body, surgeons can plan ways to safely conduct their surgery with the least amount of invasion to the body.
Film Animation
One of the more popular applications, computer graphical design systems allow producers to create, edit, and adjust a movie simply and effectively.
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If you know of a web site that you think relates to differential geometry or computer aided geometric design, please tell us.