Ph.D. Students

To be modified: Many of my research students have won the Chavin Prize for the best mathematics thesis. Almost all of my graduated thesis students are now doing graduate work at universities such as U. Washington, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, Chicago, Duke, Caltech, Stanford, and Cambridge. When I received the thank-you-note from Dylan Helliwell when he got his tenure track job at Seattle University, tears were in my eyes.

Current Students

  • Timothy Ahern: Applying Geometric Modeling Techniques in Design Products in Boeiraq. Current student.

Last Year's Students

  • Ying Teng: Modeling and Simulation of Aeroservoelastic Control with Multiple Control Surfaces Using tC-Method. 5/2002-12/2005, Graduating Soon. (Passed Thesis Defense ou Octtober 7, 05.)