Senior Theses

Many of my research students have won the Chavin Prize for the best mathematics thesis. Almost all of my graduated thesis students are now doing graduate work at universities such as U. Washington, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, Chicago, Duke, Caltech, Stanford, and Cambridge. When I received the thank-you-note from Dylan Helliwell when he got his tenure track job at Seattle University, tears were in my eyes.

Current Students

  • Anand Murugan: Applications of Differential Geometry to String Theory, 5/2006-5/2007

Last Year's Students

  • Tyler Seacrest: Matrix Perturbation Theory and Its Applications in Image Processing, 9/2005-5/2006
  • Kenneth Maples: Optimal Control of Tuned Mass Damper During Strong Earth Quake, 9/2006-5/2006


  • Dylan Helliwell: Quaternion Determinant and its Applications, 9/97--5/98
  • Ryan Haskett: Examples of Volume-Preserving Great Circle Flows on the Three Spherc. 9/99-5/2000.
  • Yinan Song: Finite Invariance in Cayley Calibrations, 9/99-5/2000.
  • Ian Weiner: Associative 3-Manifolds in R7, 9/2000-5/2001.
  • Lara Mercurio: Special Lagrangian Submanifolds in C3, 9/2001-5/2002.
  • Ross Richardson: Applications of Matrix Theory, Lie Group and Lie Algebra Theory to CAGD, 9/2002-5/2003.
  • Christopher Pries: Finding Super Symmetric Cycles in Calabi-Yau Manifolds, 9/2002 5/2003.
  • Micah Smukler: Geometry and Topology and Minkowski Products and Their Applications in Biological Modeling, 9/2002-5/2003.
  • Kira Sushkoff: Minkowski Actions of Quaternion Sets and Their Applications in CAGD, 9/2002-5/2003.
  • Matthew Holdon: Geometries of Associative Manifold, 9/2003-5/2004 * Jeffery Jauregui: Calibrated Cycles in G2 Manifolds, 9/2004-5/2005
  • Ruben Arenas: Explaining the Universe: Exploring the Structure of Gz, 9/2004---5/2005