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Mon, 03/28 Introduction to graph theory (slides).
Graph fundamentals.
Mon, 04/04 Subgraphs and Ramsey theory. (slides).
Wed, 04/06 Connection and disconnection. (slides).
Mon, 04/11 Trees.
Wed, 04/13 Spanning trees (wrap-up). (slides).
Vertex coloring. (slides).
Mon, 04/18 Coloring and bipartite graphs (slides in html).
Planar graphs (slides in html).
Wed, 04/20 Planar graphs (slides in html).
Coloring planar graphs (slides in html).
Mon, 04/25 Eulerian graphs (slides in html).
Wed, 04/27
Challenge your graph theory skills with...
Who Wants to be a Graph Theory Millionaire? (PowerPoint Show)
Final exam The in-class final exam will be on Thursday, May 12 from 2:00 - 5:00 pm in Galileo Edwards.