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Installing MATLAB

The computers in the CIS computing labs on campus should have MATLAB installed on them (list of software installed on lab computers).

For information on installing MATLAB on your own computer or laptop under Harvey Mudd's Total Academic Headcount license, please follow the directions in this handout from CIS.

Video intro to MATLAB (Prof. Yong)

Before beginning the computing modules, please check out the MATLAB crash course video created by the math department's very own Prof. Yong! As he mentions, you will get the most out of the video by having MATLAB open at the same time and trying the commands yourself.

Computing Modules

For each module below, you may write your answers directly under the problem statements (space has been provided) and then staple with the rest of the homework assignment. You do not need to write out problem statements by hand or cut and paste them onto separate pieces of paper.

For each of the MATLAB m-files listed above, you should download the file to your computer by right-clicking the link and selecting "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." Once you have MATLAB open, you will need to go to the box labeled "Current Folder" and navigate to the folder on your computer containing the downloaded m-file. (Prof. Yong explains this step in the above video, which you should watch before beginning the first module.)