Dog ate my homework
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Files Topics Common mistakes
Hmwk 0
(Fri, Sept 7)
Get to know you handout
Hmwk 1
(Fri, Sept 7)
Functions and visualization
(a group exploration)
Before starting the assignment, please make sure you have read the handouts on formatting hmwk and math writing listed on the homepage.
Hmwk 2
(Tues, Sept 11)
Hmwk 2 mistakes
Updated 9/15
Hmwk 3
(Fri, Sept 14)
Implications of continuity
Hmwk 3 mistakes
Updated 9/17
Hmwk 4
(Tues, Sept 18)
Differentiation rules
Hmwk 4 mistakes
Updated 9/26
Hmwk 5
(Fri, Sept 21)
Mean value theorem
Implicit differentiation
Hmwk 5 mistakes
Updated 9/27
Hmwk 6
(Tues, Sept 25)
Taylor polynomials
Infinite series
Hmwk 6 Mistakes
Updated 10/1
Exam 1 will be handed out in class on Wednesday, Sept. 26.
You may find this sample exam helpful in preparing for the exam.
Solutions are available.

Keep in mind that there are not necessarily problems included from all topics covered by the exam. Take time to look over homework solutions and your class notes.
Hmwk 7
(Tues, Oct 2)
Series convergence
Riemann sums and integrability
Hmwk 7 Mistakes
Hmwk 8
(Fri, Oct 5)
Fundamental theorems of calculus
Hmwk 8 Mistakes
Updated 10/16
Hmwk 9
(Tues, Oct 9)
Natural log
Exponential functions
Hmwk 10
(Fri, Oct 12)
Techniques of integration Hmwk 10 Mistakes
Updated 10/24
Hmwk 11
(Tues, Oct 16)
Partial derivatives, tangent planes
Hmwk 12
(Fri, Oct 19)
Double and triple integrals Hmwk 12 Mistakes
Homework 12 solutions
Exam 2 (final exam) will be handed out in class on Wednesday, Oct. 24.
Class on this day will be a review session for the exam.
You may find this sample exam helpful in preparing for the final.

Solutions are available on the Sakai site (under "Resources").

The same caveats apply as mentioned for the previous sample exam.
Don't forget that you can track your homework scores
on the Math 30G Sakai site.

LaTeX users

If you decide to use LaTeX on your homework, you are welcome to use the LaTeX files provided for each assignment. To compile these files, you will need the LaTeX class hmcpset.cls, either saved in the same directory as your homework LaTeX file or saved in your TeX installation directory.

In each of the homework .tex files, the problem statements have already been included. You just have to fill in your solutions and your name!

For assignments where there are graphics or image files, there will be a zip file provided that will contain these files along with the homework .tex file.