HMC Math 73: Linear Algebra (Fall, 1999)
Section 3- KATO Accounts

Use of the software package MATLAB is required for Section 3 of Math 73- Linear Algebra. Since some non-Mudd students may not have access to MATLAB, the following instructions will allow Computing Services and me to get an account set up for you on KATO (Mudd's Windows NT network), where MATLAB may be used. If this circumstance describes you, do the following:

1) E-mail me the following information:

Your name:
College Affiliation:
Year of Graduation:

2) Once I have acknowledged receipt of your information, follow these rules from CS...

New accounts will be ready in 24 hours. The new accounts can be picked up at our main office in Parsons 148. Only the person for whom the account was created can pick up the account and they should be prepared to show I.D. We will not give passwords over the phone or by email. They must be picked up in person. This restriction is to maintain the security of the account.

They will (I assume) tell you how to get into the computer lab and how to get started. After that, you may follow the instructions for using MATLAB found here on the course web pages. Contact me if you have any further trouble.

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