HMC Math 73: Linear Algebra (Fall, 1999)
Instructions for e-mailing MATLAB problems
to your graders

Your graders have agreed to receive MATLAB problems via e-mail, thus removing your need to print them out and waste lots of paper. I'd appreciate it if you would exercise this option if at all possible.
To e-mail MATLAB problems to the graders, use the diary function as before to record your MATLAB session in a text file. When you are finished with MATLAB, please edit this file to remove any typos and unneccesary work, and to type in the problem numbers where appropriate. Also include your name and the assignment number at the top of the file. When the file is ready to be submitted, copy-and-paste it into the body of an e-mail or include the text file as an attachment, and send it to The subject of the e-mail should read

Linear HW#5- Elvis Presley

or whatever, filling in your name and assignment number as appropriate. The e-mail must be sent before the class meeting in which it's due (generally before 10:00am Wednesday morning). Grades for these problems and relevant comments will either be included on your written homework or returned via e-mail, depending on the graders' preferences.

Note that the whole point of this exercise is to save paper, so if you're planning on printing yourself a permenant copy of your work anyway, just do so beforehand and turn it in with your written work. We are testing this system in an attempt to save paper. We'll try to get all the bugs worked out as we go. Please contact Jennifer or myself if you have any comments, questions, complaints, etc. regarding this setup. Thanks for your participation.

-Prof. Greg