THE ALBUMS OF JOHN DENVER is a complete list of all official albums produced by John Denver and released in the United States. Thus, foreign concerts (such as Live In London) and collections (such as The Rocky Mountain Collection) are not listed here (see my unofficial discography for these items).

On the album list at the top,
CD indicates that the album is currently available in the United States on Compact Disc.
LP indicates that the album is out of print.
LP/CD indicates that the album is out of print in the United States, but is available on CD overseas, and may be ordered on-line from one or more of CD Europe or CD Banzai!. Also, for whatever reason, the contents of Whose Garden Was This have been split up and put on the recent CD rereleases of Spirit and John Denver. So while the album itself is not availble domestically, its contents are. Don't look at me... go ask RCA.

Clicking on an album name will take you right to that album's entry on the list (or, of course, you may scroll down there manually). Each entry includes a song list (in the order that they appeared on the album, more or less) and a picture of the album cover. Clicking on the album cover will download a larger JPEG image of the same album cover. Many of the songs contain links to their lyrics. These files are graciously provided by Emily Parris, and are maintained at THE John Denver web site Rocky Mountain High: The John Denver Internet Fan Club. If you don't find the lyrics to a song here, try Fabio Zucca's John Denver's Songs (with guitar tabs) or the album list at Rory Young's The Rhymes Page.
NOTE: The albums Higher Ground, Earthsongs, The Flower That Shattered the Stone, and Different Directions seem to be out of print, and may be hard to find in their original form. However, they have been collected into a single 5-CD boxed set, The John Denver Collection. It also contains a few other goodies, and is available from Laserlight Digital.

The Discography was compiled by

Roger J Halhead,

Emily Paris,

Greg Levin,

and image-enhanced by Greg Levin.

An unofficial discography of other, rare John Denver albums is also available.