THE ALBUMS NOT OF JOHN DENVER is a partial list of albums on which John Denver appears, but which are not John Denver albums per se. They are either by other artists (like Placido Domingo) or are compilations of various artists (like the UNICEF album). Each album's entry includes a song list and a picture of the album cover (where available). Clicking on the album cover will download a larger JPEG image of the same cover. Some of my personal notes are also available for most albums. To read these, click on "notes" below an album's song list. Let me know if you have anything that you think should be added to the list.

There are, to my knowledge, two other on-line discographies that contain "not John Denver" albums of this sort. They are
John Denver Rarities at The RMH: JD Internet Fanclub page;
The John Denver Discography at Free Spirit: The Official UK John Denver Fan Club.