THE UNOFFICIAL ALBUMS OF JOHN DENVER is a partial list of John Denver LPs and CDs that do not appear on the Main Discography. Thanks to the contributions of many on-line friends, this discography got too large to maintain on a single page. As a result, I have divided these albums into three classifications: Note that some albums appear on more than one of these lists. For instance, Live in London contains original material ("The Good Stuff"), but is also an "import". The Best of John Denver Live is basically a repackaging of some of The Wildlife Concert (and so is a "Domestic Collection"), but contains two songs not on the original 2 CD set (and so is "The Good Stuff"). I apologize if all this is a bit confusing... I needed some system to divide up the contents of this discography, and this was the best I could come up with.

Each album's entry includes a song list and a picture of the album cover (where available). Clicking on the album cover will download a larger JPEG image of the same cover. Some of my personal notes are also available for most albums. To read these, click on "notes" below an album's song list. The albums in "The Good Stuff" are mostly from my personal collection. Many of the other entries were contributed by people on-line (these contributions are noted in the indiviual album notes). Let me know if you have anything that you think should be added to the list.


There are, to my knowledge, three other on-line discographies that contain JD rarities, and each contains some items not found here. They are
John Denver Rarities at The RMH: JD Internet Fanclub page;
CNIC's "John Denver Music Collection" at Cold Nights in Canada: The Canadian JD Fanclub;
The John Denver Discography at Free Spirit: The Official UK John Denver Fan Club.