CAROLINA IN MY MIND is a rather poor quality bootleg of a concert given by John in Orange County, CA in the early seventies (exact date unkown). The beard drawn on John was not part of the original printed cover, and was perhaps drawn by a previous owner of my copy. On the reverse of my cover is a little hand drawn picture of (presumably) John perched on a mountain peak smoking... something. Several of the song titles are given incorrectly on the album jacket. In these cases, I have provided the real name of the song in parenthesis after the title given on the cover. The song "Prisoners" is missing its third verse, perhaps because the individual recording this ran out of tape and had to get a new one (this occurs about half an hour into the concert). John's comedy routine preceding "You Done Stomped on My Heart" is about 6 minutes long, and very entertaining. On the whole, it is a nice, short concert poorly preserved for posterity.