John Denver: 1943-1997
On October 12, John Denver was killed when the experimental plane he was piloting crashed into the Monterey Bay. His spirit lives on in his songs, in his contributions to our mother earth, and in the hearts of all of us fortunate enough to listen.

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"The Other John Denver Discography" contains rare and odd things not found on the main Discography, including the Mitchell Trio albums, Radio Shows, foreign releases and compilation albums. "The Not John Denver Discography" contains albums by other artists or collections on which John Denver appears.

News about new albums, re-issues and availability

The John Denver Collection (The Windstar albums)
Laserlight has rereleased all the material from JD's four out-of-print Windstar albums (Higher Ground, Earthsongs, The Flower That Shattered the Stone, and Different Directions, plus a few extra goodies) in a single 5-CD boxed set. Read all about it!

Japanese CD re-issues of old albums
Almost all of JD's old, out-of-print albums (namely, Rhymes and Reasons, Whose Garden Was This, Take Me To Tomorrow, Aerie, Windsong and Spirit) were recently rereleased on CD in Japan, and may be ordered on-line. See the June issue of the RMH Internet Fanclub Newsletter for more info.
P.S.- These 6 CDs may be ordered through CDEurope for $25 apiece, and various other on-line importers, although some have stopped carrying them, so you may want to act fast!

Domestic re-issues and new material!
RCA has released Spirit, JD, Rocky Mountain X-Mas, and, after a fashion, Whose Garden Was This on CD. They have also released a new CD of 12 previously unreleased performances, including 10 "never-before-heard Denver songs". More info is available here.

For the most complete collection of JD info on the net, proceed directly to the WWW pages of...
Rocky Mountain High: The John Denver Internet Fan Club.

Denver Links
Contains links to other JD pages, JD entries on various databases, Denver-related pages, and on-line stores where you can find JD albums and merchandise.

Memorial Sites and s
Links to all the new sites and rings that have popped up since John's death (well, sort of)

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Attention Denver fans: Efforts are underway in Colorado to make "Rocky Mountain High" the state song. The project is being backed by the Denver Musicians Association, and more info can be found here. Stop by and find out how you can help, especially if you live in Colorado.

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