"Where else can I find John Denver on the 'net?"

Thanks to Emily Parris and the RMH Newsletter for many of the follwing finds.
NOTE: This page is way out of date... many of the links are now broken.
I'll get it updated someday, but for now, you may want to try here instead.

Rocky Mountain High:
The John Denver Internet Fan Club

THE John Denver source on the 'net. Home of the Rocky Mountain High internet newsletter, and more info than all other sites put together!
Maintained by Emily Parris.

Austin Communications John Denver Rhymes Page
The OTHER John Denver source on the 'net, and home of the John Denver FTP Site. Contains searchable lyrics, pictures, sounds, text, links, etc. Courtesy of Rory Young and Austin Communications.

Cold Nights in Canada
The Canadian John Denver Fan Club. An extensive album collection, a scrapbook, and "The Dangerous Cliff" poem. Courtesy of Tim P. Aucoin.

Free Spirit
The Official JD UK Fan Club. Contains metric tons of JD News (including the recent UK tour), discography (alphabetical song list), JD links, and a lovely page of quotes from JD songs. Maintained by John Thorogood.

Memorial Sites and Web Rings

Sony Music's John Denver Page
Info on the WILDLife album, including a 40 second audio clip of "For You", and John Denver merchandise. From Sony Music.

The John Denver Multimedia Center
Pictures, sound bites from the WILDLife Concert, links and text files. Maintained by Gary Keck.

Fabio Zucca's John Denver Page
Great Italian JD site with lyrics and chords for over 280(!) JD songs, and still growing. Also some rare JD MP3s! Or go to Fabio Zucca's home page.

John Denver Memories
A collection of JD stories by on-line JD fans that were collected into a book and given to John. Maintained by Tom Tamburello.

Dolly & Michiel's John Denver Page
A JD fan page from Holland! Has some neat stuff about old tv shows and Windstar's Choices Symposiums. Maintained by Dolly & Michiel.

Eve's John Denver Page
A JD fan page with links, photos, stories and more. Maintained by Eve Saizan.

The Playboy Interview: John Denver
Playboy put their lengthy 1977 JD interview on-line. Then took it off-line. I'm trying to get the rights to maintain it on my page. Stay tuned.

The Windstar Foundation
The environmental organization founded by John Denver and Tom Crum in 1976. Join today!

Plant-It 2000
Another environmental organization, dedicated to planting and maintaining trees, founded by John Denver.

The Muppets Home Page
Lots of Muppet info, including a Muppography with some JD bits and an episode guide with a song list for JD's show. Courtesy of Bill Sherman.

The John Denver Data Site
Back issues of RMH newsletter, JD articles, and lyrics.

John Denver entry on The Internet Movie Database
Info on John's acting endeavors (warning: the URL for his entry seems to keep changing...if this doesn't get you there, seach The Internet Movie Database ... it's easy).

John Denver at Cherry Lane Music
On-line catalogue of all the John Denver sheet music available from Cherry Lane.

JD Lyrics at World Internet Technologies
Contains lyrics for 16 songs. Or visit the World Internet Technologies home page.

John Denver at COWPIE's Gohper Archives
ASCII tablature for 15 John Denver songs. Or visit COWPIE's homepage.

Amazon.com Books
Search their on-line catalouge for "John Denver", and get a long list of JD stuff available thru them, including out-of-print cassettes and "Alfie the Christmas Tree".

International Disc
Search their on-line catalouge for "John Denver", and get a long list of imported JD stuff available thru them, including "Take Me Home-16 Great Songs" (new studio recordings of classic songs), the complete 2CD "An Evening with..." "Live at the Sydney Opera House" and "Windsong" on CD, as well as many foreign "Best of"-style compilations.

CD Europe, Inc.
Another on-line importer that you can search for "John Denver." While they have more listings than "International Disc", many are just imported versions of domestic albums, and tend to be overpriced. Always shop and compare, tho.

CD Banzai!
Yet another on-line importer that you can search for "John Denver." Their prices seem better that CDEurope, but you can check for yourself.

Mass Music
If you're just looking for regular old JD CDs or cassettes, they have them CHEAP. Just search their on-line catalouge for "John Denver".

Mail order music, discography, bit of biography. Has a nice little JD entry, but you have to do the search yourself.

Minneapolis Does Denver
Home page for JD tribute album by Minneapolis bands. Includes downloadable audio of four songs. Produced by October Records.

The alt.fan.john-denver newsgroup
It's a newsgroup for John Denver. What else do ya want me to say?

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