This is about half of the WildLife Concert, just trimmed down and repackaged. It does, however, contain "I'd Rather Be A Cowboy (Lady's Chains)" and "I'm Sorry, which appeared in the WildLife video but not on the original 2 CDs. This makes this CD somewhat worthwhile. It also comes with a multimedia CD-ROM track, which I found less worthwhile. There are a number of songs from the CD available here (of inferior audio quality to the real tracks), accompannied by... not video, exactly... more like high speed slide shows. These feature a number of several second shots, and are randomly replayed continuously while listening to any of these CD-ROM audio tracks. The "video" does not correspond to any particular song. I found this part of the CD rather disappointing. If there was something else to it that I didn't find, please let me know.

The scan of this entry's cover art was provided by Dave Rowland, who has his own little John Denver page. Many thanks, Dave.