These three are all more or less the same album. Love Again is Australian, The Unplugged Collection is British, and A Celebration of Life is American. All three contain the same recordings, made in Nashville in September, 1996. They are new recordings by JD of many of his classic songs, much like the album Earthsongs. The new arrangements of old songs are a treat, and the sound is exceptional.
There are slight differences between the three albums: The track listing on the discography is for Love Again, which would be my recommendation if you're only going to buy one of these three albums (there's no reason to get more than that unless you're a hard-core collector). The duet on "Perhaps Love" is very nice, and this is the original album on which these recordings appeared (the other two were released after John's death). I do highly recommend this collection to any JD fan, especially those who appreciated Earthsongs.

Love Again may be ordered on CD thru International Disc for $23. A Celebration of Life is available in record stores domestically, or may be ordered from

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Note: Of these three albums, I only own Love Again.