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You mean this page actually changes? Well, yes, on rare occasion!

Last Updated: 9/13/00

Did some general maintanence on the main page... mostly changing or removing old links and info.
9/6/00: Hey! The page changed! And for real this time, not just a move! Quite awhile ago, I got lots of album covers sent to be by David Gorell and other nice folks, but I just haven't gotten any work done on my pages. Well, I've finally updated and reorganized my Other Discography to include all these new additions. It is now contained in four seperate pages, so be sure to read the "about" page for it. Enjoy! And, yes, I'll get Forever, John and the new Portrait on there some day.
1/5/00: Howdy! Been awhile, huh? Damn... over two years! I've been busy teaching, and John hasn't been up to too much, so I haven't really been maintaining this page. But! They've finally kicked me off my old student account at Hopkins, so I've moved... to my new, permanent home here at Harvey Mudd College! (Well, my web pages' permanent home... don't know how much longer I'll be here.) Anyway, no actual real changes to the pages to report at the moment, but since they're now here with me and not on the other side of the country, you may be seeing an occasion change to them from now on! Maybe ;-)
7/27/98: Updated the presention of CD availability news and added info on upcoming RCA re-issues and Forever John. Also changed the personal note at the bottom of the page.
2/3/98: Put a message on the main page about the campaign to make "Rocky Mountain High" the Colorado state song.
1/27/98: Changed some of the notes at the bottom of the main page, and included a list of folks who've e-mailed me, but to whom I was unable to respond due to mail errors.
12/18/97: Added a bunch of stuff to the "other" discography, including Stonehaven Sunrise,Het Baste Van John Denver,The Unplugged Collection and a second cover for Live at the Sydney Opera House (all courtesy of David Chamberlayne), and A Celebration of Life (courtesy of Dave Rowland). Over the last two weeks, I've also joined (and added links to) two web rings (see the "Memorial Links & Web Rings" page).
12/02/97: Finally got to work on the permanent version of the memorial bits and the "Memorial Links & Web Rings" page. Thanks to Emily Parris (once again) for keeping up with all these new pages for us.
11/30/97: Over the last two weeks, I've added entries on the Discographies for All Aboard, The Best of John Denver Live and The Country Roads Collection. Thanks to Dave Rowland for his assistance with these entries.
10/13/97: On October 12, John Denver was killed when the experimental plane he was piloting crashed into the Monterey Bay. His spirit lives on in his songs, in his contributions to our mother earth, and in the hearts of all of us fortunate enough to listen.

09/07/97: I'm back... sort of. Moved the obsolete note here for posterity (?), and added a new note and my new e-mail address.
07/03/97: I'm gone! I added this note at the bottom of the main page...
I've finished up my PhD work at Hopkins, and am heading back to LA. Although this page will still be here for the forseeable future, I will be away from the machine it lives on. As a result, there will probably not be many updates to it for awhile. Also, I will only be checking my e-mail sporadically. So if you have any general questions about JD and his music, you'd probably be better off asking one of the people who run the other main JD sites (see the top of my Links page). Please still feel free to send me any e-mail for any reason (I alwayas enjoy hearing from you)... just don't expect a quick response. Thanks for visiting.
I also made a half-hearted attempt to create the "Not-JD Discography". Added Love Again to the "Other" discography. And that's it. As the note says, I'll be away for awhile (but the page will still be here).
Take care,
06/26/97: I'm leaving town real soon, and tho my page is still going to be here, I'm going to have a hard time doing anything to it. So I've been making some final changes before the big move. First, as you may have noticed, I've moved everything into a new directory with a much shorter path name. I've also added lots of info on The John Denver Collection, including an entry in the "Other" discography. And the news announcement about the old albums coming back in print. Finally, I upgraded the link to the Free Spirit UK fan club page.
06/20/97: Updated the CD/LP classifications on my main discography to reflect the Windstar albums being collected by Laserlight, and the old out-of-print albums becoming available on CD in Japan. Also added a link to CD Banzai!, a CD importer, on my links page. Stay tuned for more info on the Laserlight boxed set.
04/11/97: That damned 72K transparent GIF logo crashed my browser one too many times, so I turned it into a JPG. Unfortunately, the image was designed to be transparent, so I had to make the page's background white. I don't like it as well as the rock texture, but at least it doesn't take so long to download (tho I still think it's too big). Also, I added The Very Best of John Denver (thanks to Annie Horey), Rocky Mountain Collection and Reflections:Songs of Love and Life to the "other" discography. Finally, I added a link to Mass Music, a cheap on-line CD store.
04/02/97: Added a link to the nice folks at International Disc. They have a great selection of imported CDs available at reasonable prices, and they now have their catalog on-line!
03/26/97: Change of plans... Since Emily put all her lyric files back on-line, I have now updated all the links on the main discography to point to these. The main discography is finally clean, linked, and exactly the way I want it. Links to new lyric files will be added as they become available.
02/13/97: Finally started fixing the song links on the main discography. Where available, the links are pointed to Fabio Zucca's JD Lyrics Page, which contains lyrics and guitar tabs for many songs. The rest are unlinked. This clean-up is on-going... songs still in italics are not yet fixed. I'll add another update notice when the cleanup is finished.
02/11/97: Added new links to John Denver Memories, Dolly & Michiel's John Denver Page, and Eve's John Denver Page.
01/23/97: Upgraded the link to Tim Aucoin's Cold Nights in Canada, and added links to Free Spirit, The Muppets Home Page, and Books. I'm also working on legally putting JD's playboy interview back online on my page.
10/15/96: Added link to Tim Aucoin's John Denver Info Page.
10/01/96: Upgraded the link to Rory Young's Austin Communications John Denver Page to reflect its new size and impressiveness. Also added a link to Fabio Zucca's extensive JD Lyrics Page.
09/30/96: Added link to JD lyrics at World Internet Technologies. The JD entry at the Country Connection had links to these, but they changed. This is their current location. Also, changed comments on Country Connection.
04/25/96: Added "mailto" and "back to..." links as needed.
04/23/96: Added a link to Austin Communications, the new home of the John Denver FTP Site.
04/13/96: Finally (!) added album cover photos to "The Other Discography", and modified some text to reflect these changes.
02/13/96: Added info about Windsong's in-print status to "About this Discography" on the main discography. Also, CD Europe is an on-line CD importer which offers Windsong and Live at the Sydney Opera House on CD. Links to CD Europe were added where appropriate.
02/03/96: Added entry for National Arbor Day Foundation PSA'S featuring John Denver to the Alternate Discography. Thanks to Shannon Reece for providing the info for this entry! Also added CDnow, Country Connection, and Minneapolis Does Denver to links page.
01/17/96: Added Take Me Home: An Autobiography CD set and album cover for Live at the Sydney Opera House to Supplemental Discography.
01/12/96: Moved Take Me Home, Country Roads from the main discography to the Alternate Discography. Added links to Windstar and Plant-It 2000. Also added icons to links... useless, but oh so slick looking!
01/11/96: Added this update page. Aren't you glad you asked? Stay tuned, tho. I'm almost done with the role of film that contains the album photos for the alternate discography. Maybe by February...
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