As a lover of the art form, I've decided to make a portion of my personal collection available to the Harvey Mudd community to read for free. It'll work just like a real library, sort of... come by my "office" (Atwood 201 as of Summer 2004), pick out something(s) you like, and check it out. No charge. When you're done (or when its due), bring it back and try something else. Below you can find descriptions of all books available in the library. So come on by and get some comics!

The library would not have been possible without the generosity of Chris over at The Comic Bookie. I've been shopping there for 14 years, and I highly recommend this great shop (it's also the only comic book store in town!). See their website for the new location. If my library sparks your interest in comics, now you know where to find more!


Titles broken up by catagory (according to me), with descriptions and small cover shots
Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman & Frank Miller
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Historical Fiction
Titles No Longer Available

The Rules
Terms and conditions of use, disclaimers, plus info on how to lend your own books to the library

Why Am I Doing This?
Some background on my motivation for starting this project

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